szerda, augusztus 14

All museums and archaeological sites are closed in Egypt

AhramOnline reports

Following violence across the country as security forces move to break up pro-Morsi sit-ins, minister announces archaeological sites and museums closed

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vasárnap, március 10

Update on the destruction of El-Lahun

The MSA suspects that at least on of the wooden coffins just retrieved from a group of people in the Fayum may in fact have been stolen from El-Lahun. As it was reported an Egyptian mission headed by MSA high official El-Ayedi had been stopped and put under investigation owing to a series of irregularities in the ways of excavation, documentation and storage of finds. The careless fieldwork activities have resulted in the destruction of a high number of burials, and the tombs left open and unclosed with coffins and mummies left in situ paved a way for tomb robbers. Read more in Arabic via the following link:

szombat, január 12

Dahshur monumental area under serious threat

Please note the following article about the current state of affairs at Dahshur suggesting that illegal constructional works have just been carried out in an area in close vicinity of the Black Pyramid.

Further photographs and a call for help may be found in the following Facebook photo gallery via Monica Hanna.