szerda, június 30

Monograph on Hungarian archaeological fieldwork in Egypt

A new monograph on the work carried out in the Egyptian Eastern Desert by the Hungarian Expedition is out just now.

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It is the first time that one particular site in the Eastern Desert has been published to the full extent. This approach, that requires high skills and an affinity for details, has been opted for with the purpose to avoid that possible correlations went unrecognized, as it might happen in publications divided into a range of separate studies, each focusing on one specific subject exclusively. By applying the method of full archaeological reports, this present volume was aimed at contributing to a better understanding of the complex archaeology of the Egyptian Eastern Desert. The joint expedition of the Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics was a fieldwork project of interdisciplinary character, thus the multiplicity of approaches necessitated the restating of the expedition’s main objectives and prevented the authors from putting forward unfounded and highbrow ideas.