csütörtök, február 3

Brief news on Fayoum sites and looting

Since the first news came out on looting in the Egyptian Museum, Egyptologists all around the world have been trying to monitor the various reports on the situation of open archaeological sites. Most statements made by various parties appear to be unconfirmed and contradictory to the content of the official announcements released by Zahi Hawass, the new Minister of Antiquities which claim that no major looting or damage have been found in tombs and archaeological sites inspected by a special team of the SCA.
The sites under archaeological operations in the Fayoum have not been mentioned so far in the reports. Since the focus of the El-Lahun Survey Project is the monumental area at El-Lahun, it was crucial for us to have a clear view of what had happened to the Fayoum. I received the following brief comments on the situation from a source close to the SCA.

Sites are generally in poor condition, traces of illicit diggings have been observed here and there.
There was a fortunately unsuccessful attempt of looting the Karanis (Kom Aushim) magazine which is now guarded and protected by inspectors of the SCA and local people. No objects have been stolen.